Guy Hands does deals his way

The Japanese word kara-oke might mean ‘empty-orchestra’ and financier  Guy Hands is a well-known for his own karaoke rendition of ‘My Way’.  But in contemplating the sale of Odeon & UCI , the Terra Firma cash register may soon be far from empty.  Valued at around a £1 billion, many analysts assess the sale of the High Street cinema chain to be both well timed and on the money.

More than most players, Guy Hands knows the rollercoaster nature of investment.  He has been especially adept at winning back more on the swings than he ever lost on the roundabouts.

Last week Terra Firma completed the biggest solar technology deal in history when it acquired Italian solar energy company RTR for $906 million.

Only a man addicted to the limelight would put his head above the parapet and actually admit to loving karaoke.  But Guy Hands trusts his instincts to do deals ‘his way’. And looking back over his long record of hits, it is clear he maintains a significant fan base that reckon he’s got the private equity business taped.

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