Guy Hands puts green first


You’ve got to hand it to Guy Hands.  Any normal guy would be on his knees taking his kind of flak.  But in the face of adversity we suddenly see handsprings of self-belief, leaps of confidence and bounds of energy.  Especially wind energy!

Scottish & Southern Energy recently sold three wind farms, in Scotland and Northern Ireland, to Infina for £174m – a company controlled by Guy Hands’ private equity group Terra Firma.

This deal follows on from his purchase just three months ago of a 2.4MW wind farm in Wales and two large-scale wind farm assets in Yorkshire – this time by Infinis, another Terra Firma company.  Infinis operates 138 onshore wind, landfill gas and hydro plants across the UK and produces around ten per cent of the UK’s renewable power.

Any entrepreneur can be haunted by past deals.  Guy Hands has decided to look to the future instead – a future shaped by new energy needs and new technology.

There’s something in the wind when Guy Hands decides to invest in sustainable energy projects.   High profile investors make good copy – especially when things don’t go to plan.  Nothing is certain in life.  But if you want to bet on something that will benefit your children and their children – may be you should keep an eye on a man with proven vision.

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